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Date Name Title
31/01/2002 Prof. Ferdinando Mancini Two-scale analysis of the Hubbard model
07/02/2002 Dr. Maciej Bak Lanczos method I
14/02/2002 Dr. Maciej Bak Lanczos method II
21/02/2002 Dr. Adolfo Avella Energy-scale-dependent analysis of the single-impurity Anderson model
28/02/2002 Prof. V. Srinivasan Quasi SUSY in Physics or Is Higgs the analog of the Amplitude Mode?
07/03/2002 Dr. Sergey Krivenko Effects of orbital correlations on spin dynamics in ferromagetic manganites
04/04/2002 Dr. Maciej Bak t-J model: COM with decoupling
18/04/2002 Dr. Satoru Odashima Effects of two-site correlations in the two-dimensional Hubbard model
09/05/2002 Dr. Roberta Citro Non-Fermi liquid behavior in the stripe phase of the extended Hubbard model
23/05/2002 Dr. Mario Cuoco Temperature dependence of optical spectral weights in quarter-filled ladder systems
12/09/2002 Dr. Maciej Bak Ergodicity constant in Heisenberg model


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