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The ferromagnetic solution

A study of the generalized Hubbard model in the ferromagnetic phase by means of the COM is reported in Ref. [87]. In particular the following properties have been computed:

  1. The thermodynamic properties (i.e., phase diagram, magnetization) [87]

The COM results have been analyzed in relation with the ones obtained by:

A ferromagnetic solution for the 2D Extended Hubbard model has been found by means of a fully self-consistent approximation enforcing Pauli symmetry constrains. The transition results to be of the second order both lowering the filling and the interaction strength. The saturation is reached by increasing $ U$. An increment of the $ V$ parameter lowers the magnetization. These results are in qualitative agreement with the ones by W. Nolting et al. [62] for the three-dimensional Hubbard model and permit an easy determination of the critical values for the filling and the Coulomb interaction in the two-dimensional case.

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