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The antiferromagnetic solution

A study of the generalized Hubbard model in the antiferromagnetic phase by means of the COM is reported in Ref. [61]. In particular the following properties have been computed:

  1. The thermodynamic properties (i.e., order parameter: magnetization, phase diagram) [61]

  2. The single-particle properties (i.e., energy spectra, density of states) [61]

We found very similar results to those obtained for the 2D case (see Sec. [*]). The inter-site Coulomb interaction $ V$ considerably reduces the magnetization and the stability of the antiferromagnetic state. The reduction of the magnetization also suppresses the separation between the two antiferromagnetic regions we have found. However, the suppression of the antiferromagnetism by the inter-site Coulomb interaction is much smaller than the one found in the treatment of the t-t'-U model.

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